Up Theater presents Anna Theresa Cascio’s ‘St. Peter’s Foot’

Doc Dougherty, Laura Fois

Award winning playwright (Emmy Award and 7-times Writers Guild award-winner) Anna Theresa Cascio’s new play St. Peter’s Foot touches on abortion and right of choice, as well as lifestyle decisions that many couples make: to live a child-free life. The storyline, says Anna,  grew out of a series of incidents that in turn sparked the realization of just how much time we spend on little things that drive us nuts, when there are so many more importance issues facing us and the people around us. Directed by Molly Fowler (award winning producer, writer, director, dramaturg) the two hander play about Mike and Roma, a quirky middle-aged, self-absorbed, childless couple who have no idea how hilariously miserable they are, poses the question, “is love enough to conquer regret?”



The play stars: Doc Dougherty (Power, Law & Order, As the World Turns) as Mike Tully and Laura Fois (Sister’s Dance, Ritual of Faith, Detained) as his wife Roma Ricci.

At a recent meet and greet, Shoshana Medney met with the cast and creators to find out more.


St. Peter’s Foot will run March 20 thru April 6 and run at The Fellowship Hall at Washington Collegiate Church, 729 West 181 Street NYC.  For Tickets go to:  www.st.petersfootup@bpt.me

Photos/Filming & Interviews: Shoshana Medney