“How Can Broadway Recover From This Pandemic?” by Vulture’s Mark Harris – “It’s an unequal love affair: We want theater, but theater needs us. And in this pandemic, it is simply gone. It’s a vastly expensive creative, financial, and marketing ecosystem at the literal center of Manhattan that ultimately depends on ticket-buyers from all over the world to keep it going. After this crisis, how long will that take for them to return?” http://bway.ly/seamya

CORONAVIRUS: “Pregnant Patti Murin, star of Frozen The Broadway Musical, says she likely has COVID-19 but can’t get tested: ‘Even Disney princesses can get sick'” by The Daily Mail’s Justin Enriquez – “Murin revealed that she had consulted with her OB/GYN from Mt. Sinai in Tarzana, California via video chat and the physician was ‘pretty certain’ she has the illness but would not be able to be tested unless the symptoms worsened.” http://bway.ly/rcd19d
— Patti Murin (@pattimurin): “I AM FINE, I SWEAR, AND SO IS THE BABY! … I’m so lucky. There are so many others who are not. Please keep turning your attention to them, and to the essential workers and the insanely brave and strong medical personnel, and to the people who are stocking your grocery shelves and delivering your food.” http://bway.ly/jsthl0

LINCOLN CENTER: “Lincoln Center Cancels Summer Programs Because of Coronavirus” by The New York Times’ Zachary Woolfe – “Lincoln Center canceled its summer programming on Thursday, spiking the Mostly Mozart Festival, Midsummer Night Swing and Lincoln Center Out of Doors events because of the continuing threat of the coronavirus pandemic.” http://bway.ly/ruzdwa