by: Sandi Durell

Queer as Folk star Michelle Clunie has written this new play, “US: A Progressive Love Story,” directed by friend Jennifer Gelfer, that is a tempestuous love story and combination rerun of the 2008 Presidential election. She plays opposite Jeff LeBeau, her lover running for political office, he filled with turmoil, angst and uncertainty; she, in a constant state of hysteria and internal conflict. Her mission: to make sure he stays as far left as she.

After accusing him of having an affair and spewing what seems like unending expletives, comparing his sex life to capitalism (both out of control), the next 85 minutes are spent on discussions of marriage, politics, sex, porno, prisons, elections, feminists, masochists, love, and more politics, in an array of flashbacks of the two of them in a video backdrop, and conversations of their first meeting, talks on a park bench – – kinder, gentler days of a relationship before it erupted into unending strife, stress and political rhetoric.

Clunie uses this piece as a personal platform to expound her political leanings. She is breathless and sometimes difficult to understand because she speaks so quickly and the play comes off as an “Occupy.” LeBeau, a good actor, is caught in this web. Never mix love and politics!

“US” plays at The Lion Theatre, 410 West 42nd St. thru Sept. 29th.www.telecharge.com 212 239-6200