Walter Willison wrote this note accompanying the video that he sent that has never been published:

“Thank you for asking me to be part of your kind and worthy effort for Theater Pizzazz to bring special performances to the fans during this most challenging time in our lives. Here’s a never before seen video of my song “Something, Somewhere”, from TWO BY TWO (Richard Rodgers, Martin Chanin), which I hope everyone will enjoy, and find meaningful. I performed my solo show and this song at the Metropolitan Room September 19, 20017. It was the last time Marty Chanin heard me sing his songs. When I introduced it originally in 1970, I never would have dreamed that, fifty years later, this simple plea to God to not destroy our world would become a song for our times, more relevant now than ever.

For that matter, I never would have dreamed the show itself, a cautionary tale about God deciding to destroy mankind in order to save it, to save the animals, and to replenish the earth, would seem as relevant as it has become in recent months.”

At this point, a cast of some of your favorite artists are booked at The Cutting Room on November 9th, 2020 for TWO BY TWO: The 50th Anniversary Concert, which Walter Willison will direct and sing in, to raise money for the victims of COVID-19. By then says Willison, “God willing, the storm clouds will have lifted, the great flood of disease and illness will have subsided, a rainbow of hope will appear, and it will be safe to go forth out into the world again.”