Nancy Manocherian’s the cell theatre in Chelsea (at 338 W. 23rd Street, New York, NY. 10011) is offering up the latest in this new immersive dance theater piece What Keeps You Going? running September 15 – October 2. Through an organic blend of dance, storytelling, live music, structural and mental disruptions, and video design, WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING?  is an intimate and participatory experience that invites audiences to immerse themselves in performances on three levels of the cell’s historic townhouse.

The artists of HOLDTIGHT explore the liminal space between past, present, and future and what it would mean to exist in all three at once. How do we look back in order to move forward?

WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING? is directed and conceived by HOLDTIGHT founder Gwendolyn Gussman in collaboration with artists Nico Gonzales, Emily Haughton, Dervla Carey-Jones, and Xenia Mansour. It features music and sound design by Grammy-award winning saxophonist Johnny Butler, scenography by Anna Driftmier, lighting by Aja M. Jackson, and video design by Alex Taylor.

It is performed by Johnny Butler, Nico Gonzales, Gwendolyn Gussman, Emily Haughton, Dervla Carey-Jones, and Xenia Mansour.

Audience members must be able to climb two flights of stairs and remain on their feet for the duration of the event. It is performed
for an audience of 30 per performance. Proof of vaccination and masking required to attend.