A Meow Out to the Last Post

It’s a Lazy Life at The Last Post


by Sandi Durell




Cat lover and owner of Minna – ‘The Miracle Cat’ – I was delighted to come upon a Private Sanctuary for cats in Falls Village, Ct. while on a recent mini-vacation. It truly is one of the most remarkable and impressive places I’ve visited!

Winding our way thru some of the small towns and villages was part of the pleasurable sight-seeing to get to The Last Post (thanks to Waze), that took us down a gravel driveway through a wooded area to 95 Belden Street, Rte. 126.

A friend had mentioned this to me but referred to it as a rescue house run by ‘some lady’ who, at the time in the early 80s, housed 300 cats and was happy to have anyone willing to adopt one or more. And so the friend did adopt. Knowing my affinity for cats, she said just ask anyone in Falls Village where the cat house is located!




Pegeen and Edward

Pegeen and Edward

Well, things have dramatically changed since 1982 when Park Avenue socialite Pegeen Fitzgerald bought many acres of property in Falls Village, Ct. to house cats for owners who were ill, old or had died. An animal rights advocate and radio talk show host on WOR, with late husband Edward, they were the impetus to what now is a well run 501 © 3 organization (with a Board of Directors) who make decisions about the residents in this home without cages allowing for plentiful roaming space indoors with accessible outdoor space in several buildings (fenced in above with wire so the kitties don’t escape).


The cats are separated based on older and younger; on temperament (those not susceptible to having visitors), and new incoming cats who must be quarantined for 2 weeks before joining the group settings. The buildings contain cribs, beds, cat trees, toys and all kinds of comforts with doors that open onto outdoor decks for more roaming. They are well fed and all looked healthy and happy, secure, protected and peaceful.


The cats are friendly and welcoming to strangers who come to visit, wanting as much attention and petting as one feels they want to give. And all have names, which the staff (like Bill, a groundskeeper) readily know and refer to when showing visitors around.

The cats are up to date with vaccinations and a local vet tends to medical needs. All have chips embedded.



Everything is clean, well kept and if you’re of the mind that when you can no longer care for your cat, but want to be assured kitty will live out a good life, and you have $5,000 to donate to the Last Post for perpetual care, this is surely a place to consider and leave money in your Will, or make preparations before, so you know your beloved pet will be well cared for. There may be additional circumstances that will allow your cat entry to this amazing place.



I spoke with the Executive Director Susan A. Leach-Gregan who lives on the property 5 days a week with her two dogs and husband Richard (President) in separate quarters connected to one of the buildings adjoining some of these loving meow meows! She surely loves her job and cares about the well being of these animals. Oh, and if you’re planning a visit, don’t miss the goat who helps clean the outdoor property.



They are happy to have donations (money of course) and A Wish List Consists of:

Small Cans of specialty food for kitties in the medical room

Towels (any size)

Fitted regular size crib sheets

Batteries – Size C and D

Polar Fleece Baby Size Blankets

Individual pouches of cat treats


This project is sponsored by The Vivisection Investigation League and The Millennium Guild, organizations Ms. Fitzgerald presided over as President until she died in 1989.

The sanctuary is open 11 a.m. – 3 pm Wednesday thru Sunday.

For more information:

Pegeen Fitzgerald’s Last Post

PO Box 259, 95 Belden Street

Falls Village, Ct. 06031

For arrangements have your attorney contact:

George Simoncelli, Esq. 860-482-1294 at 445 Prospect Street,

Torrington Ct. 06790