Photo: Carol Rosegg

All That Glitters is described as “An Unauthorized Biography Of A Ground-Breaking Legend –
An Opulent Musical Event About The Greatest Showman On Earth.” Directed and choreographed by Alexandere DeJong, it’s expected to appear on Broadway during the 2014/2015 season. It will star Richard Kline in the key role as Wladziu Valentino Liberace.

Music & Lyrics are by Mr. DeJong, the Book by Mr. DeJong and James A. Walsh with additional Music by Tom Nelson – Costumes by Bob Mackie, Scenery by John Arnone and Lighting by Howell Binkley. 

After a very successful and expansive New York workshop production, Dutch-American theatrical visionary Alexander DeJong’s opulent and lush Liberace musical, “ALL THAT GLITTERS” is preparing for its 2014-2015 Broadway Season Premiere.
Best defined as an eleven-years-in-the-making, gigantic musical event about the greatest showman on earth, a man whose single name changed the global entertainment industry into a money machine and a guaranteed good time, “ALL THAT GLITTERS” is on its way to establish the Liberace brand on Broadway, the most iconic address on the entertainment map and the only one Liberace did not conquer.

Now in talks with theatres in Toronto, Canada for the musical’s Fall 2014 World Premiere, Mr. DeJong is calling his profoundly brilliant creative team to the conference table in order to narrow the field of Broadway houses that can sufficiently hold the team’s opulent designs for a December 2014 Broadway Opening.

To define the show as stunningly gorgeous would be understating the show’s glittering and thrilling theatrical effects that are being created by the breathtaking combination of its three award-winning, world-renowned designers.