NY Cabaret Review By Eric J. Grimm




Harold Sanditen’s new show, Flyin’ High, made its U.S. premiere at the Metropolitan Room on October 6th in advance of a California tour. London based Sanditen has populated his show with mostly strict interpretations of standards. His voice is technically precise and his onstage personality is pleasant.

Sanditen recounts myriad travels to countries all over the globe, using this concept to connect the fifteen numbers in the show. The set feels a little labored and could do with some trimming, but he keeps the audience chuckling with some mildly irreverent tales from his journeys.

Traditional cabaret goers will enjoy his pleasant voice, his interpretations of pop songs and show tunes. Highlights include a lively “I Got the Sun in the Morning” and a nervous karaoke rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.”

Given his vocal talent, Sanditen could shine even more if he gets a little more adventurous with his song arrangements and develops a looser, more conversational quality between tunes.

Sanditen’s exploits, told through song and monologue, feel like a vacation recap over dinner and drinks: appropriate for a cabaret setting.