By Shari Upbin. . .

A celebration of the Life of Jan McArt was celebrated at the Wold Performing Arts Theatre in Boca Raton on Nov. 14, 2022. Christine Andreas (with husband Martin Silvestri on piano) took us through her journey in song and anecdotes about Jan, whose life was so rich and so beautiful and so generous.

KT Sullivan sang and was one of the many to remember the kindness of Jan and, of course, putting her in charge of the Cabaret Series at Lynn University.  There were very few speakers…a nephew, Jan’s only daughter Deborah Lahr Lawlor, the President of Lynn University, Kevin Ross, Jan Tuckwood the former editor of the Palm Beach Post.

KT Sullivan
Christine Andreas with Photo of Jan McArt
Photo: Shari Upbin
Photo: Shari Upbin
Deborah Lahr Lawlor presenting portrait of mother Jan McArt

Jay Stuart (best friend of Deborah Lahr Lawlor and Jan McArt) and Christine Andreas sang “Yes I Remember It Well” (film Gigi, sung by Hermione Gingold & Maurice Chevalier).

It was a show with a tribute on the side with many photos of Jan – – with Johnny Carson, as a circus performer, and many of Jan running her theatre The Royal Palm Dinner Theatre.

Martin Silvestri – Christine Andreas
Marilyn Wick – Christine Andreas – Eda Sorokoff
Jeff Harnar- Deborah Silver- Stephen Sorokoff – KT Sullivan

When you walked into the lobby of Wold Performing Arts Theatre, there were mannequins with costumes Jan wore in various shows. It was a magnificent tribute with a champagne celebration at the end, for a woman larger than life. Everyone felt her presence looking down and approving the ‘last show starring Jan McArt.’

Photos: Stephen Sorokoff (except as indicated)