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By: Sandi Durell














There is no cure for amour purrs singer Meow Meow at La Soiree, a very European styled circus at Union Square Theatre, where human feats of wonder are on display in this funny, sexy seduction.


Balance, strength, precision and control are displayed with elegant panache by The English Gents bedecked in pin stripes and Derbys (Denis Lock and Hamish McCann – McCann also an expert pole wonder) who soon strip down to their British undies and six packs in an acrobatic routine that will leave you breathless.


A female sword swallower? Yes, in the body of Miss Behave and so much more.


If you’re a fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury, juggler Mario-Queen of the Circus, in black leather garb, will have you dancing in the aisles – Another One Bites the Dust!


Little miss Jess Love has you going in circles as she swings 10 hoola hoops without a care to music of the 40s, while Mooky Cornish creates a clown’s world of comedy with an audience guest who proved he really should be on a stage as he’s given lines to say that appear in the most unusual places of her costume on little strips of tape.


Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, especially if he’s Stephen Williams from Australia, a hunk of a aerial gymnast in sexy wet jeans – splish splash he was only taking a bath!


Now where did that red hanky disappear to? Ursula Martinez, a striptease artist will never tell but you can guess especially when she’s down to wearing – – nothing.


The talented Lance Horne accompanies Meow Meow on piano.


In 2 acts over 2 hours with one intermission and an open bar available, this evening of specialty acts and burlesque-style entertainment will provide a good time for all (but don’t bring the kiddies).


Union Square Theatre (100 East 17th St.) NYC for a limited engagement. 800-653-8000, ticketmaster.com