(Photo: Nathan Johnson)

by Sandi Durell

I want to raise a toast to Mark William who comes to mind as I think about performers I miss seeing on stage. A young crooner who opened at The Green Room 42 two years ago this weekend to debut “Come Croon With Me” (subsequently recorded) with his musical director/arranger Clint Edwards and his band. He took the stage with an air of confidence and a presence that made me think he had been in the business for many years – a seasoned performer. But he was so young! I immediately sat up and took notice of his smooth delivery, song stylings and impressive understanding of a lyric. Mark’s love of the American Songbook washed over the audience like a warm blanket that gave me pause – an ah ha moment thinking this young man is on a track to quite a career.

He subsequently proved this was the case with return engagements, CD recordings and his extraordinary audiences that attracted many celebrities. He had more in the pipeline until the world stood still when Covid-19 became the new normal. I have no doubt that once we settle back into a world where artists can continue what they do best, we’ll have the pleasure of seeing and hearing much more Mark William. Also miss The Green Room 42 and all the extraordinary talent and delicious food.

Meantime, enjoy this Golden Rainbow Medley from Mark’s debut show.    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LZbrhITGdoFsuwC42a5HOFRR90vzy0Oa/view?usp=sharing