Mystery Science Theater

The Mads New YouTube Channel – Phantom From Space

Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Trace Beaulieu (“Dr. Clayton Forrester”) and Frank Conniff (“TV’s Frank), known collectively as “The Mads,” have announced an official YouTube channel, which just launched featuring nine shorts that were riffed on during their October 2020 livestream, The Mads: A Night of Shorts. The new channel will be home to their series of monthly ticketed livestreams that began in July 2020, and will regularly be updated with selections from past events.

The Mads have also announced PHANTOM FROM SPACE (1953) as the subject of their upcoming livestream on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 @ 8pm EST. Beaulieu & Conniff, in a format similar to MST3K, will “riff” over the film while viewers around the world watch together in real time. Tickets are on sale now for $10 with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the MST3K makeup artist Crist Ballas, who needs assistance with medical costs incurred during a recent and unexpected week long hospital stay. You can read more about Crist and donate directly to his GoFundMe page here.