By Sandi Durell


There’s a new game in town, back to when dinner theater was a way of life, now created and produced in a very unique, upscale contemporary immersive experience at Lightbox Event Space, 248 West 37 Street NYC. It’s an American Journey produced by Jerry Stone and David Palmer who head the team along with writer-director-choreographer Bill Castellino (of Desperate Measures and Cagney fame).



In 80 minutes, you’ll experience four intervals where wait-staff efficiently present food that is in keeping with an inspiring story line about America and its significant time periods in history that take place in a bi-level space.

Beginning in 1969 when we landed on the moon with Neil and Buzz who ate cheese, dried fruit and washed it down with Tang, accompanied by video projections in 360 degree motion and then jump back to 1945 as we celebrated the end of the war –watching Rosie the Riveter come alive in song and dance, keeping to food that was simple: grilled cheese sandwich dipped into smoky tomato soup with, of course, some pigs in blankets.



The time machine rolls back to 1920 and prohibition as we raise a glass of wine paired perfectly with selections of cheeses , as the cast gives insightful information along with being treated to some cool jazz age dance routines . . . Charleston, Lindy Hop. But it’s not over yet, till we wind up in 1835, when the settlers roared with conflicts between Thom Paine and Abe Lincoln and the ultimate ideas that formed this great nation, all brought to life in dialog and live projections. And what did these settlers find appealing: Chicken Pot Pie!




There is a newly reduced price tag for the evening and tickets are available at   800-447-7400