Maude Maggart


Songwriters Hillary Rollins and Michele Brourman have just released a new song and video, WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME, to raise money for DirectRelief. (

Performed by gifted recording artist Maude Maggart, with a video created by folk legend Christine Lavin, WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME was inspired by a line in a poem by British poet Phillip Larkin which caught the attention of lyricist Hillary Rollins when she heard it quoted by a doctor in a COVID-19 video.

“This song just sort of took on a life-of-its-own,” says Lavin, and both the composer and lyricist agreed. Brourman was taken with how other artists wanted to participate without hesitation. “Maude immediately wanted to sing it and Christine to bring it to life with images,” she says. And Rollins added, “I was struck by the fact that the whole thing grew out of an intersection of medicine and poetry.” They decided that WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME had been born with a mission – to raise money for Direct Relief, a world-wide organization providing medical supplies and equipment to the world’s neediest and the workers on the front lines of this disease.

Hillary Rollins is an award-winning lyricist, librettist, playwright, TV writer and essayist. In addition to writing, she is a performer and producer of live music and theatre events in intimate venues in Los Angles and New York through her company “Hillary Rollins Presents” and has released two live albums for other artists, “Christine Lavin & Friends Live at McCabe’s” and MaryJo Mundy’s “The Fourteenth Confession: Songs of Laura Nyro”.

Michele Brourman is a lifelong lover of songs – the intersection of words, music, story, and heart.  She’s written, performed, and produced songs for children, grown-ups, baby dinosaurs, curious monkeys, and assorted humans, and played piano with artists ranging from Amanda McBroom to Bob Dylan.

WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME premiered initially on Tuesday, April 14th, when Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten gave his readers a sneak peak by recommending linking to it in his weekly online chat, “Chatalogical Humor with Gene Weingarten” . The “official writers cut” goes public on FaceBook and YouTube today.