Robert Yacko, Rita Rudner


By Sandi Durell


Welcome back Rita Rudner in this charmer of a musical comedy, at 59e59 Theaters, where laughter is the name of the game, written by Ms. Rudner and hubby Martin Bergman who also directs. Rita plays Wendy Solomon – the kind of middle aged lady one might call a piece of work; uptight, rigid, repressed and sarcastic. Which is why her friend Margery told her to go somewhere out of her comfort zone now that she’s left her husband who’s been having an affair with a 24 year old. Las Vegas was pretty far in that direction and that’s where we find Wendy having checked into a room at a hotel with twelve rolls of quarters, her own sheets, and all her anger on Tessa Ann Bookwalter’s turntable set.

It’s the Poker Tournament and the place is brimming with twelve thousand Poker players aside from the usual array of Vegas tourists. In fact one of those poker players Tom (Robert Yacko) just walked into the hotel room as all hell breaks loose when she and he realize the hotel double booked the room and guess what? There’s not another room to be had. Now, mind you, in the midst of all this confusion, they’re singing “Two’s A Crowd” and it’s obvious . . . be prepared to laugh your socks off!


Rita Rudner


After lots of comical banter and age lying, they realize they’re stuck, but this isn’t one of those let’s make the best of it deals. Oh no – she’s convinced he might either be a serial killer or looking to steal her identity.

As Tom begins unpacking and putting his clothes in the bureau drawers, Wendy comments on how light he travels and the conversation goes: (Tom) “It’s all I need for what I’m here for.” (Wendy) And what might that be? Swap Meet? Hay ride? Homeless convention?” (Tom) Tell you what I’m not here for … to be abused by some 75 year old parole officer.” (Wendy) How dare you? There is a way to behave in a situation like this and you have deliberately ignored those parameters.” (Tom) Sorry Lady. I didn’t get my copy of the Menopause Monthly.” (Wendy) I’ll have you know many people consider me a lot of fun.” (Tom) Who? Amish accountants?”

And so they’re ready for battle as they wait for a roll out bed to be brought in which eventually arrives with Lili (Kelly Holden Bashar). Lili is not short on comments and innuendos.


Kelly Holden Bashar, Rita Rudner

As things progress, Tom and Wendy become a little more involved than one could imagine . . . they’re both from Cleveland, she a wedding planner, he retired but back in school studying Philosophy and Literary Thought telling her about Marcus Aurelius, (Who? she asks). While out at lunch he begins talking about his deceased wife as they open up and share more of their lives even getting Wendy to let her hair down and order her favorite drink – a Fluffy Duck.

We’re treated to many amusing musical numbers that keep the storyline in tact and moving forward. . . many are laugh out loud worthy, the dialogue clever and witty. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter and narrator (a very talented and amusing Jason Feddy) intercepts to set up scenes and punctuate the goings on in song.


Brian Lohmann, Jason Feddy


Then who shows up? Wendy’s husband (Brian Lohmann) apologetic and eager to woo her back. But can he? And what becomes of Tom and the hotel housekeeper Lili? It’s a wacky Wendy world and you will have some good fun in this humor-filled production.


Photos: Carol Rosegg


Two’s A Crowd59E59 Theaters, 1 hour and 50 minutes (with intermission) thru August 25.


Produced by Impro Theatre in association with Ritmar Productions