Barb Jungr

One of the most unique interpreters of song and jazz is Barb Jungr. Here she is joining #PerformersSingForFans from the north of England.

“Hello everyone! What times! But I hope you enjoy this lockdown version of Proud (M People) which I make with the wonderful Jamie Safir accompaniment and, I’d like to say, please do join my mailing list as tons of things are happening and we have a new single coming out myself and Simon Wallace, of the Springsteen classic Dancing In The Dark (I think that’s what we are all doing somehow) and that’s also made in lockdown, as is the video – coming 26th of this month.

Meanwhile I am here taking care of my mum in the north of England and watching the bird feeder and writing and gardening, and cooking and meditating for a better future for all. All info and news is here and the link to join the mail also. And by the way I am doing the wonderful O’Neill Cabaret Conference online for the wonderful John McDaniel and do check the O’Neill summer conferences website too for all the online treats and things you can watch.

Meanwhile stay safe and be kind and love to you all.  Barb xxx”