Combining old and new technologies to tell the sweet story of a struggling young artist in love.



By Joel Benjamin



Iluminate0776riLuminate successfully combines the old and the new into a witty entertainment that is imaginative and exciting.  Black light (UV) and LED technology, hip-hop dancing, graffiti and song all sweetly tell the story of a young artist striving in his art and in love.

The theater at the New World Stages is intimate enough to make iLuminate jump out at the audience, yet large enough to allow for the spectacle of flying objects and floating people not to feel cramped.

There really isn’t much of a story, just the ongoing struggles of an artist to create, his work disrupted by fantasies, a girlfriend, relationships and urban hurdles.  A long sequence about creating a work of art included a floating paintbrush, an easel that has a mind of its own and the artist’s ideas floating around him.  An evil figure interferes and steals his tools in order to create ugly monsters.  How our artist overcomes this, with the help of his friends, becomes an exciting urban journey full of dance and brilliant imagery.

The work is the creation of Miral Kotb & Athena Sunga (scenario) with upbeat music by Justin “Kanobby” Keitt & Christopher Tignor that ranges from pop ballads to hiphop.  The hard working cast is, unfortunately, anonymous, hidden behind the brilliant displays of gravity-defying imagery, but they all move beautifully and are more than just a cast, but a real company.  Just for the record they are:  David “Flaco” Andrini, Lisa “LBoogie” Bauford, Kenny Bermudez, Marcus Allan Cobb, Trevor “Cleva Trev” Harrison, Adrienne Hicks, Giselle Mejia, John “JRock” Nelson, Michelle “Miki” Scott, Dorren “Moglii”Smith and Robert Vail.


illuminate  (through September 7, 2014)

New World Stages – Stage 4

340 West 50th St. (between 8th & 9th Aves.)

New York, NY

Tickets:  212-239-6200 or

More Information:

Running Time: 50 minutes