What good is sitting alone in your room? Exciting technology is happening in the world of Zoom and broadcast. MetropolitanZoom now has a Virtual Venue Studio in Long Island City, NY – STUDIO A!  Learn more about it at https://metropolitanzoom.com/performer

You may have seen what MetropolitanZoom has been up to lately, but if not, here are the updates.  Bernie and Joanne Furshpan (of Metropolitan Room NYC fame), have just opened their first virtual venue. The experience is different from Live Streaming, in that performers and musicians are looking into the eyes of their audience on large screens and performing on a stage setting.  It’s run like a real venue, with ticket sales, meet and greet at end of show, a virtual bartender and receptionist, and much more.  Back at work are techs, singers, musicians, receptionists.  Be part of this quickly growing platform. 

Here’s an invitation for you to produce a show with MetropolitanZoom. Try it once. There’s an electric piano and drumkit on-site. 

And . . . More News from Bernie Furshpan:  THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR – WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT! That’s right, you read it correctly. MetropolitanZoom will be attempting to create/break a WORLD RECORD for the LONGEST VIRTUAL VARIETY SHOW WITH OVER 250 PERFORMING ARTISTS PARTICIPATING IN OVER 50+ COUNTRIES. In 2015, Metropolitan Room in NYC and 350 performers had broken a world record of The Longest Variety Show in 60 continuous hours of entertainment.  

The record-breaking attempt will be a complex logistical effort and will take place from 12:01 AM NYC TIME on Sunday, November 15, and run for 48 hours. Additional information coming to those that want to participate.  To learn more and apply  at:  https://metropolitanzoom.com/48-hr-live-variety-show

Contact: Bernie Furshpan MetropolitanZoom.com 631.383.3943