Robyn Hurder

by Matt Smith

Another day in lockdown, another set of responses! As we wrap up the first edition of our dynamic new Quarantine Questionnaire series, we’re taking an up-close and personal look at how this lengthy pause has affected our panel participants, and shifted each of their viewpoints on general life. From a greater appreciation for time with friends and family to a more intimate look within at how we treat both others and ourselves, our spirited panel gets raw and real this week, answering with unbridled honesty, humility and hope. Scroll through to see who said what and why, and hopefully, it’ll leave you filling fulfilled and optimistic about our world post-pandemic, theatrical and non alike. A million thanks to our panel for their time and thoughtful responses, and thanks again to you all for reading each week. And remember, no matter what happens in the next few months, we will get through it. Broadway will be back. Because, at the end of the day, now and forever, this time is #onlyintermission. 

Robbie Rozelle

How do you feel this time in quarantine has changed you personally?

Joshua Colley (Newsies, Les Miserables, Sticks and Stones): It’s made me more patient, and at the same time, eager to get back to work. By the end, I hope to feel completely new. 

Evie Dolan (School of Rock: The Musical): It has raised my awareness of how deep the structural inequality and violence against BIPOC are in our society and how important it is for all of us to fight to reimagine and change everything.

Sophia Gennusa (Matilda the Musical): I would say that I have definitely become more grateful as a person because of the lessons I’ve learned during quarantine. Like I said before, I’m so grateful for the little things in life and I don’t wanna take them for granted. I feel that I should try and keep reflecting on all the amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed to experience, and trust that I will continues to create them for myself as time goes on. And that the most important thing right now is safety!

Deidre Goodwin (Chicago, A Chorus Line): Talk to my scale. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get to my socially distanced gym. 

Robyn Hurder (Moulin Rouge!): I’ve never been more present in my life. I am living more in each moment than I ever have. And I love that. I don’t have the stress on my body physically, mentally, emotionally anymore from the show….so I have all this extra energy. It’s been really beautiful to be able to just have my family to focus on.

Maree Johnson (The Phantom of the Opera): Because life has become more fragile, I’ve become more acutely aware of the motivation and focus we need in our lives! 

Shahadi Wright Joseph (The Lion King, School of Rock: The Musical, Them: Covenant): Quarantine has changed me a lot. I’ve earned a lot about myself, my style, and my favorite things. Overall, I feel very blessed for health and have had a great experience learning about me. 

Josh Lamon (The Prom, Josh Swallows Broadway): So far? I don’t know. Quarantine has turned all of us inside out over and over again. We will see what we are all like after it’s over. But I do have a profound appreciation for everything and everyone. More so now than ever.

Luca Padovan (Newsies, School of Rock: The Musical, You): For me, quarantine has been a time of self-reflection. This time has allowed me to a gain a deeper level of gratitude for the people and things in my life. 

Robbie Rozelle (Broadway Records, Songs from Inside My Locker): I got grayer, for sure. I started listening to a lot of music again. Because music is my day job, I listen to a lot of podcasts [instead of music]. But because podcasts have become so bleak lately, I’ve turned back to music. I need that joy, and there’s no tune like a showtune. 

Isabella Russo (School of Rock: The Musical, Trevor the Musical): As a homeschooled introvert, not a lot has changed for me since quarantine started. However, I’ve come to appreciate my friends even more during self-isolation. It’s always important to surround yourself (if not always physically) with loved ones during hard times like these. I’m incredibly lucky to have such close and supportive friends. 

Analise Scarpaci (Mrs. Doubtfire): It’s changed everything about me and, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. My way of thinking has changed completely. My favorite thing to come out of this time at home is my time with my guitar. It’s been years since I’ve sat down to write, and I wouldn’t trade this time I’ve had to write down everything I’m feeling. It’s been cathartic.

Shahadi Wright Joseph

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned while in quarantine, perhaps that you’ll take with you when the pandemic eventually ends?

Joshua Colley: To not take life for granted. 

Evie Dolan: The biggest lesson I’ve learned is how important science is – and how it’s critical for our society to be better educated so more people believe in science and evidence.

Sophia Gennusa: To appreciate the little things. In the past, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed hugging people, seeing family often, and even just going into the city and being able to audition in person. When those privileges were taken away in order to keep everybody safe, I realized how important it is to cherish the little things in life that make you happy. Never try and rush through life because you don’t have forever, and patience is key when trying to remain humble and appreciative. 

Deidre Goodwin: How quickly and effectively positive change can happen when we work together. I’m looking forward to seeing the new theatrical landscapes, new works and hopefully, future classics that will come out of it. 

Robyn Hurder: Look for the silver linings. Always. Don’t take one second for granted. You could be gone in a moment’s notice. 

Maree Johnson: Self-discipline… and that motivation is a survival skill.

Shahadi Wright Joseph: That rest is necessary. We usually don’t think about the time we need to take to relax, but doing so is essential, and quarantine has taught me that. 

Josh Lamon: That I am nailing it. You are nailing it. When you feel sad and down, you are nailing it. When you are feeling scared about the world, you are nailing it. When you are feeling terrific and getting things done, you are nailing it. Be good to you. 

Luca Padovan: The biggest lessons I’ve learned in quarantine are to always be compassionate and empathetic toward others and to never take things for granted.

Robbie Rozelle: That I don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. I’m willing to learn and grow. And… now I know how to make killer sourdough bread. 

Isabella Russo: One thing I’ve learned is that I can still stay socially and politically active through use of social media and other online platforms. Even as a minor and non-voter, I’ve found ways to stay engaged and educate myself about current issues, and I urge others my age to do the same. 

Analise Scarpaci:That it’s okay not to be okay. This whole thing is just one huge mess that none of us were prepared for. I just keep reminding myself that our world will return and that eventually we will all be okay. We just have to work together.

Broadway remains closed through May 2021.