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By Matt Smith

To satisfy our long-festering cravings and yours, we reached out to a handful of industry names — including would-be current performers and alumni alike — to ask a few, short quirky Broadway-related questions as they relate to life amid the pandemic… and we’re rolling them all out as part of our new Quarantine Questionnaire series! This is Part 2.

For everything from who’d listen to what showtune in lockdown to how this lengthy pause has changed each of their outlooks on general life, scroll through to see who we polled and what’s on their mind, and keep checking back for more as time goes on. And, most importantly, rest assured that Broadway will eventually be back and better than ever.

Isabella Russo

With the recent news that our beloved Broadway will now be shuttered through May 2021 (at least), we’re itching now more than ever for that indescribable jolt of theatrical energy and purely magical zeal. Because, after all, it’s #onlyintermission.

Deirdre Goodwin

In three words, how are you feeling right now? 

Joshua Colley (Newsies, Les Miserables, Sticks and Stones): Content, chill, motivated. 

Evie Dolan (School of Rock: The Musical): Lonely, worried, but optimistic.

Sophia Gennusa (Matilda the Musical): Bored. Anxious. Hopeful. 

Deidre Goodwin (Chicago, A Chorus Line): Groundhog Day. Again. 

Robyn Hurder (Moulin Rouge!): Grateful, antsy, and pudgy.

Maree Johnson (The Phantom of the Opera): Numb! Hopeful! Frustrated!

Shahadi Wright Joseph (The Lion King, School of Rock: The Musical, Them: Covenant):Peaceful, neutral and tranquil. (I’ve been taking time to meditate on my own). 

Josh Lamon (The Prom, Josh Swallows Broadway):Anxiety. Breathing. Okay. 

Luca Padovan (Newsies, School of Rock: The Musical, You): Joyful, grateful, alive. 

Robbie Rozelle (Broadway Records, Songs from Inside My Locker): Um… wearily, cautiously optimistic? 

Isabella Russo (School of Rock: The Musical, Trevor the Musical): Tired. Hopeful. Hungry!

Analise Scarpaci (Mrs. Doubtfire): Anxious-excited. Hungry. Bored. 

Joshua Colley

In three words, how will you feel when quarantine restrictions are lifted and Broadway eventually reopens? 

Joshua Colley: Accomplished, excited, relieved. 

Evie Dolan: Relieved, happy and excited.

Sophia Gennusa: Ecstatic. Grateful. Relieved. 

Deidre Goodwin: Cautious, but optimistic. 

Robyn Hurder: Elated, ecstatic, grateful. 

Maree Johnson: Jubilant, excited and traumatized. 

Shahadi Wright Joseph: Emotional, enlightened, and free. 

Josh Lamon: Hopeful. Nervous. Trepidatious. 

Luca Padovan: Relieved, nervous, happy. 

Robbie Rozelle: Ready and able.

Isabella Russo: Joyous. Grateful. Eager. 

Analise Scarpaci:  Thank. You. God. 

Broadway remains closed through May 2021.