by Matt Smith

As the shutdown rages on, we continue our attempt to capture that deeply-missed theatrical magic with another round of reactions and replies in our Quarantine Questionnaire series! Having previously presented their most-played theatre ditties and divulged certain details about how they’re coping in quarantine, our panel here shares which of their Broadway pals and idols (both real and imaginary) would make the most ideal partner in quarantine. Who on our panel wants a friend like the Genie? Who would not throw away their shot at hypothetically writing a musical with Lin-Manuel Miranda? All these answers and more await you in the questionnaire below! And, again, keep in mind, as you scroll through and enjoy this batch and those to come, that Broadway will eventually be back and better than ever. We ain’t done. It’s #onlyintermission. 

If you could quarantine with only one other Broadway performer, who would it be and why? 

Joshua Colley (Newsies, Les Miserables, Sticks and Stones): Lilla Crawford!! We would talk about “Big Brother” the whole time. It’d be awesome. 

Evie Dolan (School of Rock: The Musical): Probably Lin-Manuel Miranda because we could spend quarantine writing a musical. 

Sophia Gennusa (Matilda the Musical): Ben Platt! So I could sing with him all day long. He has the most beautiful voice.

Deidre Goodwin (Chicago, A Chorus Line): Michelle Potter. She’s my best friend. What more could you ask for? 

Robyn Hurder (Moulin Rouge!): My husband, Clyde Alves. We sing and dance together and are constantly creating. If he’s off limits, then it’s obviously Max Clayton. I don’t think I really need to explain why. We are nuts together and we make each other laugh ’til we cry or dry heave. 

Maree Johnson (The Phantom of the Opera): Jay Armstrong Johnson! We share the same surname! He has a wicked sense of humor and he is also very kind!

Shahadi Wright Joseph (The Lion King, School of Rock: The Musical, Them: Covenant): Idina Menzel. I’ve always looked up to her in the Broadway community and I think it’d be really fun to quarantine with her. 

Josh Lamon (The Prom, Josh Swallows Broadway): Eddie Pendergraft and Tony Mansker. Eddie was in Wicked on Broadway for ten years and Tony was in the original cast of Mary Poppins (He left to start a children’s theatre company and professional children’s training company in New Jersey). They have been my two best friends for 16 years. After living through this with them, there is simply no one else. 

Luca Padovan (Newsies, School of Rock: The Musical, You): Isabella Russo. Spending time with her is literally my favorite thing in the entire world and being stuck in quarantine with her would actually be the best thing ever. 

Robbie Rozelle (Broadway Records, Songs from Inside My Locker): Nikka Graff Lanzarone… I love her so much! She’s fun and funny, but knows how to set boundaries when she needs to be alone. And she has a lot of books to read. Plus, she sings harmony really, really well. Click here for proof. 

Isabella Russo (School of Rock: The Musical, Trevor the Musical): My best friend, Luca Padovan! We’d probably drive each other insane, but we’d have a lot of fun!

Analise Scarpaci (Mrs. Doubtfire): Okay, I have two. Patti LuPone, because the videos in her basement are so incredibly iconic and it would be a dream to just witness those videos being made. I’d also want her to teach me every she knows. And then, Lesli Margherita because she’s the greatest, and I feel like we’ve probably been having similar quarantines anyway. 

If you could quarantine with only one other Broadway character, who would it be and why? 

Joshua Colley: Jenna from Waitress… so I could eat pie. 

Evie Dolan: Dolly Levi from Hello Dolly! because she’d be so much fun to hang out with. 

Sophia Gennusa: Simba from The Lion King because I’ve always wanted a big pet! 

Deidre Goodwin: Literally anyone written that can make me laugh. Not just chuckle, but belly laugh. We need it. 

Robyn Hurder: Probably Roxie (from Chicago). She seems nuts. Loves a cocktail, loves jazz, wants to be a star. Seems like we’d be a good match. And we’d have a good time making up routines together. 

Maree Johnson: Hmm… the Genie in Aladdin!! Why?! Isn’t it obvious?! 

Shahadi Wright Joseph: Angelica Schuyler. She’s a powerful leader and a feminist; both traits would be very useful during the pandemic. 

Josh Lamon: Mrs. Lovett, hands down. She is a good Mum and she’s handy in the kitchen. 

Luca Padovan: It would have to be Elphaba. Not only would I get to hear her sing all of the time, BUT she could teach me how to do magic! Also, that poor girl has been through so much, she just needs a hug. 

Robbie Rozelle: Mame Dennis (from Mame). There’s such a spirit of joy in her and resourcefulness — that’s what I would need… joy and resourcefulness. 

Isabella Russo: I’d love to be quarantined with Mary Poppins. I don’t think there would ever be a dull day with her around.

Analise Scarpaci: Jack Kelly from Newsies because I feel like we have similar personalities and we’d get along. But also the Baker’s Wife from Into The Woods because that’s one of my dream roles and it’d be good for character development. 

Broadway remains closed through May 2021.