by Matt Smith

We may have, at this point, logged over 200 days in quarantine, but although states all over the country have begun to ease up on restrictions, it’s pretty clear this virus is showing no signs of slowing down. And with the recent news that our beloved Broadway will now be shuttered through May 2021 (at least), we’re itching now more than ever for that indescribable jolt of theatrical energy and purely magical zeal. So, to satisfy our long-festering cravings and yours, we reached out to a handful of industry names — including would-be current performers and alumni alike — to ask a few, short quirky Broadway-related questions as they relate to life amid the pandemic… and we’re rolling them all out as part of our new Quarantine Questionnaire series! For everything from who’d listen to what showtune in lockdown, to how this lengthy pause has changed each of their outlooks on general life, scroll through to see who we polled and what’s on their mind, and keep checking back for more as time goes on. And, most importantly, rest assured that Broadway will eventually be back and better than ever. Because, after all, it’s #onlyintermission.

If you could only listen to one musical theatre song while in quarantine, which would it be and why? 

Joshua Colley (Newsies, Les Miserables, Sticks and Stones): “Times are Hard for Dreamers” 

Because it speaks to the now… and because it’s a BOP.

Evie Dolan (School of Rock: The Musical): “All That’s Known”

… Or any song from that [Spring Awakening] album. I love that show so much. 

Sophia Gennusa (Matilda the Musical): “Seasons of Love” 

It’s such a positive song, and definitely emphasizes the support that everyone needs right now!

Deidre Goodwin (Chicago, A Chorus Line): “Heaven on Their Minds” 

It’s just fun! It’s a bop to dance and sing along to… and I have a nostalgic connection to it, given I was in the Broadway production.

Robyn Hurder (Moulin Rouge!): “Rose’s Turn”

I’d have the proper time [in quarantine] to perfect my audition for the 2035 revival.

Maree Johnson (The Phantom of the Opera): “Another Hundred People” 

It encapsulates that New York energy that I love and miss so much!

Shahadi Wright Joseph (The Lion King, School of Rock: The Musical, Them: Covenant): “Don’t Rain on My Parade” 

Because in times like these, I think it’s crucial to not let the negative vibes ruin your happiness. 

Josh Lamon (The Prom, Josh Swallows Broadway): The Act One closer of the musical Fly By Night.  

That song and those lyrics just get me every time. 

Luca Padovan (Newsies, School of Rock: The Musical, You): “Dancing Queen”

I love this song so much and listen to all of the time. It never fails to put me in a good mood and makes me want to dance around my house! It’s not really a musical theatre song, but it’s from a Broadway show, so I think it still counts! 

Robbie Rozelle (Broadway Records, Songs from Inside My Locker): “Satisfied” 

This is an insane question, because I love so many. But I went to my “Most Played” and that’s what it turned out to be. And you know what? I’m not mad about that. 

Isabella Russo (School of Rock: The Musical, Trevor the Musical): “You Will Be Found”

It’s an incredibly uplifting and inspiring song. I think everyone needs some encouragement during these hard times. Plus, I can sing along and make up different harmonies!

Analise Scarpaci (Mrs. Doubtfire): “She Used to Be Mine”

I could listen to Sara Bareilles’ lyrics all day long. They’re so real and honest and it’s what we need right now in this time.

If you could sing any song in a quarantine concert, which would it be and why? 

Joshua Colley: “What I Did for Love” from A Chorus Line

I think its message is really universal to all of the performers in our community right now. If you listen closely to the lyrics and think about what’s happening, you’ll see the words are really poignant. 

Evie Dolan: “Close to Me” by the Cure. 

I love the Cure and this song! I think its lyrics speak to how a lot of us are feeling, or at least how I am. It talks about how fast the days go by. 

Sophia Gennusa: Definitely a hard question but I would have to say an original song. This has been a crazy time and I’ve been using some of it to finally write songs of my own. I’m really excited to eventually put music out into the world, and I’m hoping, given everything, that people will appreciate something new! 

Deidre Goodwin: Would an old-school jazz dance count? 😉 

Robyn Hurder: “Near To You” from Damn Yankees

I just love it! And it’s a trio, so I’d sing it with Max Clayton and Doug Sills.  

Maree Johnson: That’s easy! “Some Days”. Enough said.  

(poem by James Baldwin, music by Steven Marzullo). 

Shahadi Wright Joseph: “When Will My Life Begin?” from Tangled  

Because it talks about the freedom of being outside and the love of nature — two things I think we’ve come to appreciate more during this time. 

Josh Lamon: “Piano Man” 

No questions asked. 

Luca Padovan: “Through the Dark” by One Direction 

Because it’s a BOP. 

Robbie Rozelle: “Beautiful City”

I think the lyrics perfectly sum up where we are and we need to go. 

Isabella Russo: I’d sing “All My Loving” by the Beatles.

I just really love the song and it makes me so happy when I hear it! 

Analise Scarpaci: Definitely “Ghost Light” by Sara Bareilles. 

It was written for her show Little Voice on Apple TV+ and I love it for a number of reasons. It’s weird to think that the ghost lights are still on our stages, and the song’s about what’s happening from the perspective of the darkness. The lyrics of the song are everything and the melody is so, so beautiful.

When quarantine restrictions are lifted completely and Broadway reopens, what is the first theatre-related thing you’ll do? 

Joshua Colley: Hopefully be in a show. 

Evie Dolan: Go see a show!

Sophia Gennusa: Grab a few of my friends to hang out and sing in person!! I haven’t seen anyone for a very long time, so it would be amazing to get together and catch up with some tunes. 

Deidre Goodwin: Support theatre. It might take a minute, but I’m going to a buy a full-price ticket to a show on every tier from Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway and up. Before and after each show, I’ll eat in and support restaurants near the theatre. Cannot wait to sit in the dark and collectively experience a performance that is LIVE and unique to that audience. 

Robyn Hurder: Go on a juice cleanse and head back into some hefty Moulin Rouge rehearsals.

Maree Johnson: Go to rehearsals!!! Phantom’s calling!

Shahadi Wright Joseph: I would most definitely want to see a Broadway show. 

Josh Lamon: Hug, sing and Kiki will all my show folk. Ice, diet bevs and cheap booze on me. 

Robbie Rozelle: I’m so desperate to see a live show… theatre is such a communal experience for me, and seeing it on YouTube or Zoom is just not the same. I can’t wait to applaud and say “thank you” to performers again. 

Luca Padovan: Go see Six on Broadway! 

Isabella Russo: I’m so excited to get back to work and see my company again! We have such a beautiful show and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Analise Scarpaci: Hug my Doubtfire family until it’s time to rehearse. 

Broadway remains closed through May 2021.